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Shimpo VL Whisper Wheel


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Shimpo VL Whisper

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The superior technology of SHIMPO’s RK Whisper potter’s wheel and the popular features of SHIMPO’s Velocity V75 potter’s wheel have been combined to create the second model in SHIMPO’s Whisper series potter’s wheels: the VL-Whisper.

Responsive, high torque at all speeds, powerful and we can now say the quietest wheel in the potter’s wheel market. It’s a quiet that must be heard to be believed!

Brushless DC Motor Smooth, quiet, powerful, no maintenance
Electronic Controller Maintains desired speed under all load conditions
Broad Speed Range Allows optimum speed under all load conditions
Reversibility Accommodates left and right hand users
Built-in Breaker Motor is protected from overload
Remote Foot Pedal & Adjustable Height Accommodate all throwing positions
Wheel-head Turns Freely At 0 RPM 14″ light alloy casting, drilled for bat-pins
Two-piece Splash Pan Completes the package
Warranty 5-year

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Shimpo VL Whisper

Shimpo VL Whisper 120V