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NEW! Brent SmartCart

A smart 'art cart' on wheels, this sturdy cart has a solid top shelf and two steel mesh shelves for storing your ceramic supplies while working. In addition, it has a retractable shelf that can be pulled out on the right or left side for additional work or storage area. The top shelf also has four pre-drilled holes to accommodate the Brent Mini Slab Roller. The four heavy-duty swivel/locking casters make the SmartCart easily maneuverable and can be stored away in closets. Assembled dimensions: 27"W x 24.5"D x 34"H.


Ware Cart EX

The Strongest, Most Versatile Ware Cart You Can Buy

This heavy duty ware cart is now stronger and more versatile than ever before! Designed to provide storage for ware in process, drying, cooling after firing, or moving pieces, the Brent Ware Cart EX includes these features:

-Top/bottom frame supports that bolt into place
-Frame is powder coated for greater durability and improved scratch and corrosion resistance
-Heavy duty, totally locking casters eliminate swivel and turning of wheels
-Easy assembly -- one person can assemble alone
-9 shelf instead of the previous 8 for greater stacking versatility
-Constructed from 1" heavy wall pipe and welded shelf supports, it is 78" high, 35" wide and 24" deep. The four 4" diameter rubber swivel casters roll easily when cart is loaded and can be firmly locked in place when needed. Ware cart is shipped unassembled in one carton. An optional set of 12" x 32", 1/2" thick exterior plywood shelves is also available and is shipped in a separate carton.
NEW! Brent Compact Ware Cart

This smaller version of the Brent Ware Cart EX is designed for small studios and classrooms. Assembled, the Compact Ware Cart measures 34.5"W x 24"D x 48"H. It is constructed of 12 gauge steel (for shelf, angles, and corner supports) with 11 gauge steel (upper and lower) cross support tubes. Swivel/locking casters offer stability and easy maneuvering. Includes durable plastic cover. Optional set of six 12" x 32.5" x 1/2" exterior plywood shelves also available.

Kiln Shelf Cart

A mobile, efficient means of loading and unloading your kiln, the Kiln Shelf Cart is 47" high, 35" long and 13" wide. Steel rods keep up to 16 kiln shelves (up to 20" high) stored vertically and separated for less damage. Three shelves give you room for stacking posts, cones, stilts, pots, etc. and are interchangeable with the ware cart shelves.
No. 1 spray booth

The No. 1 spray booth is constructed of steel, features a 3/4 hp motor and an increased exhaust air delivery of 1361 CFM maximum with a 0.0 static pressure. The oversized 3" flange that surrounds the front of the booth is designed to deflect any spray material from coming out around the edges. The 12" fan moves air out through a back opening where a standard 10" duct can be attached to vent to the outside.
The #1 spray booth is 24"W x 26"H x 44"D with an available work area of 24"W x 26"H x 24"D and operates on 110V AC. It is supplied with the 7" AMACO® No. 5 aluminum decorating wheel and is shipped assembled. Use only with AP non-toxic glazes. Not to be used with flammable liquids. The optional stand has adjustable legs that can vary the height of the spray booth from 49 1/2" to 54 1/2".

Damp Work Cabinet

Designed to maintain clay projects in a moist workable condition, this spacious cabinet is "air-sealed" by foam rubber gasketed doors. The body is welded steel with solid angle supports. Locking doors and exterior walls are "double-walled" with an internal layer of aluminum. It has four large special bolt-on shelves with aluminum surface and water retaining bats. Cabinet size: 36: wide x 18" deep x 84" high.
Drying Cabinet

This spacious locking cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge steel angles welded to expanded steel mesh walls. Steel top and bottom pans are solidly welded and reinforced for strength and durability. It has four large shelves constructed of welded steel and perforated board. The design of the 9200 provides effective air circulation throughout the cabinet.
Mobile Clay Cart

Sturdily constructed of birch plywood, this clay cart will provide years of service. The inside is completely lined, and the top is fitted with piano hinge and recessed pull allowing the cart to remain open while class is in session. Includes casters for easy moving that also lock in place. Finish consists of sealer and multiple coats of lacquer. Overall size: 28"H X 18" W X 14" D.

Clay Wedging Board

This wedging board has two 10" x 12" absorbent plaster surfaces and a canvas wedging cloth that can snap firmly over the left plaster surface if desired. The fine steel cutting wire is held taut by a turnbuckle.

Overall measurements are 21 7/8" wide, 14" deep and 14" high. Wood framework is constructed of cabinet grade birch plywood finished with exterior polyurethane.

Clay Cart with Wedging Board

Now has locking safety hinge to keep the wedging board open when in use.

The AMACO Clay Cart with wedging board is a dual purpose mobile unit. This compact, space saving cart combines a sturdy, practical wedging board and a cabinet that has a capacity of approximately 300 pounds of moist clay.

The wedging board serves as a lid to the cart and is hinged at the back. It has two 10" x 12" absorbent plaster surfaces and a canvas wedging cloth that can snap firmly over the left plaster surface if desired. The fine steel cutting wire is held taut by a turnbuckle.

The cabinet and wedging board are constructed of cabinet grade birch plywood and finished with exterior polyurethane. The cart rolls easily on casters and the front casters lock to hold the cart stationary when in use. Overall measurements of the cart and wedging board are 44" high, 22" wide and 14 3/4" deep.


*FOB Factory*
Ceramic Cabinets are designed and engineered specifically to the requirements of the functional ceramic work areas. They offer exceptional quality, security and service.

• Cabinets of heavy gauge, welded steel construction, shipped set-up ready for use.
• Furnished with two heavy duty hinged doors to allow full use of shelves.
• Doors have "overlap" construction with positive 3-point locking mechanism; satin chrome locking handles with 2 keys.
• Metal surface cleaned and bonderized before painting.
Small Damp Cabinet-Base Type Model #9150

Offers the same construction features as above. Furnished with two shelves, each having one highly absorbent bonded foam bat. 36"W x 19"D x 31"H. Dark Brown/Antique Gold doors. Ship wt. 125 lbs.
Small Drying Cabinet-Base Type Model #9250

Offers the same construction features as above. This unit is furnished with 2 large angle-frame shelves covered with 1/8" tempered pegboard. Cabinet size 36"W x 19"D x 31"H. Dark Brown/Antique Gold doors. Ship wt. 125 lbs.
Portable Clay Storage Cart Model #9405

Ideal for bulk clay storage, keeping clay moist and workable, with the added feature of mobility. This new heavy duty, all steel constructed cart, with removable plastic clay container and lid, accommodates approximately 140# of clay. Cabinet has hinged lid for easy access. 4" ball-bearing swivel wheels for easy mobility. Overall cabinet size 17-1/2"W x 13-1/2"D x 28-1/2"H. Dark Brown/Antique Gold doors. Ship wt. 31 lbs. (Can ship UPS)
20 Gallon Clay Container Model #9412

Designed with strength and durability. Excellent for wet or dry clay and plaster. Will not leak or rust. Hand grips for easy lifting. Flat lid allows you to stack for space saving storage. Ship wt. 8 lbs. (Can ship UPS)
Dolly Model #9413

Easy twist on, twist off to provide mobility. Ship wt. 8 lbs. (Can ship UPS)
Mobile Heat Proof Kiln Carts

Mobility and safety are the prime features of this kiln cart. This sturdy, rugged cart is made of 16 gauge steel with 19 gauge trays. Each of the three extra deep trays includes a non-asbestos heat resistant bottom surface panel to make handling of projects safe and easy right from the kiln. The cart comes with quality 5" wheels for ease of movement.

Model #9500 16" W x 30"D x 32"H Ship wt. 60 lbs.
Model #9550 24" W x 36"D x 32"H Ship wt. 71 lbs.
Wares Truck Model #9605

This truck of 12 gauge steel, welded construction on 4" casters, provides easy mobility of your wares. A variety of uses; excellent for cooling wares after firing or moving from place to place. Can also be used for greenware drying. Furnished with 16 plywood "half shelves" for maximum flexibility each measuring 12" x 28" x 1/2". Overall truck size 24" x 32" x 54" high. Dark Brown. Ship wt. 125 lbs. (Can ship UPS)
Wares Truck W/O Shelves Model #9606

Same features as above without plywood shelves. Ship wt. 60 lbs. (Can ship UPS)
Wedging Board Model #9615

480 sq. in. of wedging area! Heavy duty steel 20" x 24" x 2-1/2". Furnished with fine steel cutting wire, and canvas "snap-on" wedging cloth. Plaster not furnished. Dark Brown. Ship wt. 16 lbs. (Can ship UPS) (Requires 70# plaster)
Wedging Stand Model #9630

Heavy duty steel table for wedging or kneading clay before forming. Stand is 19"D x 20"W and adjusts from 30" to 36" in height. 20" x 24" x 2-1/2".Wedging Board forms the top surface. Plaster not furnished. Furnished with canvas "snap-on" wedging cloth and fine steel cutting wire, with adjustable hook to keep taut. Dark Brown. Ship wt. 39 lbs. (Can ship UPS)
Tray Cabinets

Excellent for wet, fragile and bulky projects. Removable high-impact trays included. Available with or without lockable doors and with or without casters. Dark Brown/Antique Gold doors. (Can ship UPS)
Art Carts

Ideal for transporting materials from area to area. 4" heavy-duty hard rubber casters, 2 swivel. Overall height 32". Grey.

AR2-2436, trays 2, tray size 24X36, Ship wt. 47 lbs.
AR3-2436, trays 3, tray size 24X36, Ship wt. 57 lbs.
AR2-1630, trays 2, tray size 16X30, Ship wt. 33 lbs.
AR3-1630, trays 3, tray size 16X30, Ship wt. 41 lbs.

For one 14" x 20" x 6" drawer, add "D1" to Model No.; for two drawers add "D2." (Example AR2-2436 D1). 24" x 36" Truck holds 1 or 2 drawers. Drawers are not available for 16" x 30" Truck. (Can ship UPS).