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White Earthenware Casting Slip c 06-04


We are pleased to offer the most consistent white cone 06-04 casting slip available. Our test procedures and multi ingredient formula insure proper specific gravity, flow viscosity and quality castings every time. Packaged in 2 gallon cardboard box with heavy duty plastic bag.

Red Earthenware Casting Slip c 06-04
Our red slip is the best casting red earthenware available. Due to chemistry, red slip is inherently more difficult to work with than white slip as it tends to gel in the mold. We feel certain you will be pleased with the drain cast quality and final product attained using our red casting slip. Packaged in standard 2 gallon box.

All quantities $3.00/gallon

White Stoneware Casting Slip c 4-8
This mid range stoneware casting slip is suitable for functional as well as decorative pottery. The nice white color is desirable for many giftware items. Packaged in standard 2 gallon boxes.

All quantities $5.75/gallon

White Porcelain Casting Slip c 4-6
Packaged in standard 2 gallon boxes.

All quantities 9.50/gallon

NOTE: Boxed slip is for customer pickup only. For motor freight or UPS we offer any of the above slips in 3 gallon plastic pails. Cost is the price of 3 gallons of slip plus $10.00 for the pail, plus shipping.