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Plasticine Modeling Clays (Non-Hardening)
Amaco Permoplast - Cream (Modeling Clay)
Van Aken Modeling Clay
Roma Plastilina

Modeling and Molding Clays (Hardening)

Sculpey III Sampler Pak

AMACO Modeling Media
Claycrete Instant Paper Mache


Plasticine Modeling Clays (Non-Hardening)

The following clays remain soft and pliable when used over and over. Non-toxic ingredients.
Amaco Permoplast - Cream (Modeling Clay)

Remains soft and pliable when used over and over.  Non toxic and sulfur free.

Per Pound $5.39
Van Aken Modeling Clay

For claymation, very bright colors available in 1 and 4.5 lb blocks (yellow, orange, red, magenta, violet,
ultra blue, turquoise, green, flesh, white, black and ivory), sulfur free.

Per pound $4.50
4.5 lbs. $16.95
Roma Plastilina

Roma is the world's finest modeling material that is permanently pliable and the choice of professional sculptors the world over. Colors is Grey-Green only. Available in two pound units.

No. 2 Medium Generally used for portrait heads, busts, and figure work.

Grey-Green Medium 555B $14.00

No. 4 Extra Hard This grade of Plastilina is used in making extremely detailed objects with great detail; such as medallions.

Grey-Green Extra Hard 555D $14.00
Modeling and Molding Clays (Hardening)

A white modeling compound that bakes in your home oven at 275F to hardness in 15-20 minutes. Economical, easy handling product for the novice as well as the mature sculptor.

1.75 lb. box $10.00
Sculpey III Sampler Pak

Contains 30 one-ounce cubes of brightly colored modeling compound. Oven-hardens at 275F. Excellent medium for jewelry and miniatures.

30 oz. box  $23.00
AMACO Modeling Clays

Crea-Stone is a versatile sculpture medium which carves like soap and hardens like stone. This lightweight stone-like material, is mixed with water and cast into shapes planned for sculpture, plaques, and various art forms. It can be sculptured and carved with ease over long periods. When aged, Crea-Stone is stone-hard with a rough, granite-like texture, lighter than stone permanent and weatherproof. Simple implements or special tools designed for work with Crea-Stone may be used.

CR-25 25-lb. pkg., Natural or White Stone $75.00
Claycrete Instant Paper Mache

All the qualities of original papier mache. No newspapers to cut-up, no flour or wheat paste to buy. It's easy to prepare, easy to model with, very economical and EXCEPTIONALLY WHITE. Claycrete is perfect for large groups and large projects since a little goes a long way. Finished projects are very lightweight. Furnished in dry form, it mixes with water and in 15 or 20 minutes is ready for modeling. When dry, Claycrete may be decorated with any type paint or decorating

CC-1 1-lb. bag $8.79
CC-5 5-lb. bag $31.95
CC-20 20-lb. bag $93.00

The best features of clay, plaster and paper mache, eliminating the disadvantages! In dry form, this white, nontoxic compound is easily prepared by adding water, sets in 30 minutes. It adheres to almost all clean surfaces (even glass) and does not shrink so it may be applied to an armature or over any core. Very lightweight, permitting construction of large pieces which are strong and durable, but not heavy. When dry, may be carved, sanded, sawed or even nailed without chipping. Sculptamold, with its unique cellulose base is resilient when dry making your finished project practically unbreakable. Surfaces may be decorated with any paint, water or oil base, and can be made waterproof with spar varnish or waterproof lacquer.

SC-3 3-lb. plastic bag $7.79
SC-25 25-lb. bag $49.00
SC-50 50-lb. bag $93.00